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Connect Google Calendar

Show Google calendar events in Shovel
Written by Jim
Updated 6 months ago

Google Calendar can be linked to Shovel via the "Connected Calendars" area in the bottom of the left sidebar.

You can only connect a single Google Account but you can display as many calendars within that account as you want.

Connect other calendars

Currently Shovel only supports Google Calendar. However, if you  want to link other calendars such as Apple Calendar or Outlook, connect them to your Google calendar and then link that calendar to Shovel.

Auto sync (10 minutes). Manual sync (instantaneous).

Your Google Calendar will sync to Shovel every 10 minutes, or you can sync instantly by hovering the Google Calendar email and clicking the Sync icon next to it.

Link a Shovel course to a specific Google calendar 

You can link a specific course in Shovel to a specific Google calendar from your connected Google account. 

To link, find 3dots next to course in sidebar > Link Google cal 

This will stylize your Google calendar the way you want your Shovel course to look like. 

Additional functionalities to linked courses coming soon. 

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