Task List

Manage all of your tasks in one place.
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Updated 2 years ago

The Shovel Task List shows you everything that you have to do in a table view. 

If you want more room to view the Task list, you can toggle the left sidebar closed using the Collapse sidebar tab at the top of the left sidebar. 

Tasks can be Grouped by Week, Reading Source, Task Category, or All.

Tasks that are beyond their due date are shown with a flame icon next to the task name.

You can hide columns that you don't want to see from your view.

Editing Single Tasks

Single tasks can be edited directly in the table view but clicking into the field that you want to edit.

You can also open a dialog for each task by hovering the task Name and clicking on the open icon.

Editing Multiple Tasks At Once

To edit multiple tasks, you can select the tasks you want to edit by clicking the checkboxes next to a group of tasks or each individual task.

Once you have selected the tasks, the Edit Bar will appear at the top and display the number of selected items. Click on the appropriate icon to make changes to all of your selected items at once.  

Complete or Delete Tasks

Hovering the far right column will display two icons. Use the checkmark to set task to completed and the trash can icon to delete the task.

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