Share your syllabus with friends

Team up on creating tasks in Shovel with your classmates.
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Export your syllabus (share with friends)

To share your syllabus with friends: 

  1. Create your tasks 
  2. Export your syllabus 
  3. Send it to friends

Once you create your tasks, to export your syllabus, simply find the "3-dot" menu on a course in the left sidebar > Export syllabus.

A (dot)shovel file will download on your computer. You can then send this file to your friends via email or any other messaging system.

Import a syllabus (that you received from friends)

  1. Create a course in Shovel 
  2. Have your friend send you a (dot)shovel file (refer to the export step above) 
  3. Import the (dot)shovel file into your course in Shovel and start digging

To import a syllabus that your friends filled out in Shovel, you need them to send you the (dot)shovel file first. To teach them how to do it, refer to the step above. 

Once you have the (dot)shovel file on your computer, find 'Import syllabus' in the "3-dot" menu of a course.

You need to create the course for which you want to import the syllabus for first. 

Choose the (dot)shovel file that your friends or professors sent you.

Once you choose the file, an overlay will open where you will see what your are importing. (Schedule, tasks, teacher info.)

If you choose to import the class schedule along with your tasks, your calendar will pre-populate with class times that your friends filled out in their account. 

After the import

After you import the syllabus, your Task List will have all the information from the syllabus you imported and you will be able to edit everything you need. 

What files can I import? 

Currently you can import only (.shovel) files which can only be created by exporting a syllabus out of Shovel. We cannot read other file types at the moment because syllabi vary so much. 

What is this for?

Syllabi sharing functionality was created so that you can team up on your syllabi with friends. Either create tasks for half a course and exchange it for another half with your friend or do one syllabus each if you're taking the same classes.

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