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Keep track of your grades in Shovel
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Currently you cannot attach a grade to any specific task inside Shovel, but you can keep track of your grades in Shovel manually. 

Click 3 dots on a course in the left sidebar and select "Course Details"

In the overlay that opens, select "Grades" 

Select if you receive your grades in Percentages or Points for that course. 

Click "Add grade unit"

Enter Grade Unit Name

Example: Quizzes, Problem Sets, Final Exam

Enter The Total Weight of The Grade Unit Relative to The Course

For example, all quizzes combined are worth 20% of your total course grade and your midterm exam is worth 25% of your total course grade. 

Click "Add Grade" 

A line will appear. This is where you can enter specific tasks inside the grade unit. 

Add Task Info and Grade in Percentages or Points

Notice that the weight of the task in the example above is 20%. That is because there is only one task in the grade unit "Quizzes."

If you add more grades (tasks) inside one grade unit, the weight of each task within the grade unit will distribute evenly. 

For example, if you add 2 quizzes, each quiz will be worth (20% / 2) = 10% of your total grade. 

Drop a Grade 

If your professor lets you drop a grade, for example, some professors assign a lot of tasks within one grade unit and let you drop the lowest one, you can click "drop." 

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