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Know what you have to do and how much study time you have available.
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Shovel Calendar Overview

Shovel can be used to create your schedule like any other calendar, but better. 

What makes the Shovel Calendar unique in that it finds and calculates all of your available study time. Unlike other calendars that start out empty, Shovel assumes that free time is Study Time. 

As you fill in your schedule Shovel you will notice that Shovel shows Study Time Blocks in between all of your classes and activities. 

Shovel knows where and how much study time you have. It then compares that with how much you need, continuously in real time.

This does require you to add more detail to your schedule, but helps you create a highly accurate study plan. 

Add Courses and Activities

Add new courses and activities from the side bar. 

Course Details and Edits

Hover over a course, click on the 3 dots and select the desired action.

Click on Course Details to add Task Categories, Reading Sources, Teacher information, and to set up your Grading Rubric.  

Add To Calendar

To start building your schedule, drag and drop a Course, Activity, or Custom Event onto the calendar.

Dropping items into the white area of the calendar will reduce your available study time. Dropping into the gray areas will not. 

When you add an item to the Calendar, a dialog will open to add more details. Scroll down to view repeat options.

Commute Time

Commute Time is the time needed to walk to and from different  classes and activities. On large campuses this can add up to a lot of time. The goal of Shovel is to identify all available study time. Adding commute time will help make the duration of study time blocks as accurate as possible.

Collapse The Sidebar

When you've finished setting up your Courses and Activities, you can create more calendar space using the Collapse sidebar tab.

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