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You can connect Apple Calendar to Shovel via Google Calendar
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To get Apple calendar events into Shovel, you'll need to add them to Google Calendar first. We do not have a direct option yet.

Step 1: Get your Apple calendar link

Step 2: Add Apple calendar link to Google calendar

Step 3: Connect Google Calendar to Shovel

Step 1: Get Your Apple Calendar Link

To get your events into Google Calendar you'll first need to get a link (URL) of your Apple Calendar. You can do this either via your Apple Calendar desktop app or your icloud account.

Option 1: Get your Apple Calendar URL via Desktop/laptop App

1. Open your Apple Calendar Desktop/Laptop app 

2. In the left sidebar, click the icon next to the calendar you want to share

3. Make sure the the "Public calendar" is checked

4. Copy the URL link

Option 2: Get your Apple Calendar URL via iCloud

1. Log into on your desktop/laptop

2. Click on the Calendar icon

3. Click the icon next to the calendar you want to share

4. Make sure the "Public Calendar" is checked

5. Copy the Calendar Link

Step 2. Add Apple Calendar URL to Google Calendar

1. Open Google Calendar

2. In the sidebar, click the "+" next to "Other Calendars

3. Select "From URL" in the dropdown

4. Paste Apple Calendar URL and click "Add Calendar" button

You can modify the name of the calendar in Google by clicking (3 dots) next to the calendar and then selecting "settings"

Sync between Apple Calendar and Google Calendar can take up to 12 hours. We know this can be frustrating but please note that it is not Shovel's fault. 

Step 3: Connect Google Calendar to Shovel

1. Open Shovel on your dekstop/laptop computer

2. Make sure you're on the "Calendar" tab in "home" 

3. Click the "+" button next to "Connected Calendars" 

4. Select Google Calendar

5. Follow steps in overlay and make sure to allow all permissions

Shovel syncs with Google Calednar every 10 minutes. To sync on demand, click the "Sync" button

Link Google Calendar to Specific Courses or Activities 

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