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Desktop App - How to Install Shovel on Your Computer

Learn how to install a Shovel Progressive Web App (PWA) on your computer through a Chrome Browser
Written by Petr
Updated 1 year ago

To learn how to install Shovel on your tablet, go here.

Install Shovel on Desktop - Option 1:

  1. Open Chrome on Windows or MAC
  2. Go to dig.shovelapp.io 
  3. Click "Install" icon (right side of the search bar) 

Install Shovel on Desktop - Option 2:

  1. Open Chrome on Windows or MAC 
  2. Go to dig.shovelapp.io
  3. Go to settings (top right corner) 
  4. Click "Install Shovel" 


After installing Shovel PWA

On your MAC 

  1. Right click Shovel icon in the Dock 
  2. Options > Keep in Dock 

What Is a PWA (Progressive Web App)? 

A progressive web-app is a hybrid web page that can be downloaded on your devices to mimic a Native user experience.

Benefits of Installing Shovel PWA 

You will have a shortcut on you Desktop for opening your Shovel.

You will have a larger viewport for your Shovel since there is no tab, search, or bookmark bar at the top. 

Does PWA Work Offline?

No. It is still a web-app that requires an active internet connection. 

Does PWA Work on Tablets? 

Yes. Go here to learn how to install Shovel PWA on your tablet. 

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